From an interview with Point Blank by Lance Scott Walker, in the new Sinecure Books publication, Houston Rap Tapes:

“Does it take a lot to get the young guys to understand that?”

“…I got kids, and I take time to be teachin’ my kids, but if there’s somebody that I feel worth the knowledge I got to give ’em and worth the game I got to give ’em and show them to open their eyes to, then I’ll give ’em that time if they askin’ for it and they wanna do it. But a lot of people just want the fun. They want all the fun and shit what come with the situation, and this shit is hard work. This shit ain’t easy, runnin’ around gettin’ motherfuckers to buy your music and all that shit. It ain’t like they goin’ in the store to get your music. They buy it because they see you out, representin’, bein’ a real individual. I got city to city, state to state, town to town whether they know I’m comin’ or not. I done been way to Australia. Seven cities out the trunk, all in Australia.”