From an interview with Point Blank by Lance Scott Walker in the new Sinecure Books publication, Houston Rap Tapes:

Were you with those guys early enough to where they were still doing battle raps? This was still in high school, with those guys?

“Yeah, K-Rino was in high school. Like I said, I was in Sterling. You know, I saw K-Rino from afar. If you wanted to do some music, you had to know who K-Rino was…when I didn’t know him, when I wasn’t friends with him, I knew who he was, but I wasn’t introduced to him. But when I was going to that school [Sterling], everybody respected K-Rino. I used to go to the bathrooms when they went in the bathrooms. K-Rino used to wreck shit. He used to be at the talent shows, and I used to be at all that shit, but you know, nobody knew who I was at the time. I was an underdog on the rise.”