From an interview with Shorty Mac by Lance Scott Walker in the new Sinecure Books publication, Houston Rap Tapes:

So many people had that guy’s back, where would you go afterwards, if you messed with Screw?

“I remember 3 ‘N the Mornin’ dropped…back then I had a slab, and I came to Houston, and we was goin’ to I think the album release party or something. We pulled up in this neighborhood and I think about 30 dudes walked up to the car. [Screw] said, ‘Hey man, this my kinfolk Shorty Mac. He from Austin.’ Them dudes looked at me and told him, ‘Okay, he good. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with him ’round here.’..That dude[Screw] had power like…I don’t know. I can’t even put a name on it, but I just start seein’ different stuff, how the reaction of people…the people and different people comin’ round. And I mean, you seein’ gangstas cry and I say, ‘Man this dude was very effective on people’s lives, man!’ And not even that–this dude changed a lot of people’s lives.”