Justice Allah, member of the group 144 ELiTE, discusses the problem of drank in HOUSTON RAP TAPES:

“People think codeine is safe. They think that, you know, this is safe, and it’s a fruity, fun type of drug, but they don’t understand what happens to they bodies once codeine is processed through the liver and everything…it’s highly addictive. People are not just doing it for fun. It starts out as a certain thing, but then it ends up bein’ something that you have to go through withdrawals and everything to try to get off of it….it’s definitely not a joke, and you’d think after all these years, and after all the major Houston rap artists and other people that have died from it, somebody would finally stand up and finally say, ‘Hey, man, this stuff here is a drug!’ It’s not just a fruity drink that you po’ing it up in sodas and stuff.”