Peter Beste – Houston Rap @ HWV8 Gallery

2005-10-05- 2005-10-07, at the Argent Hotel, San Francisco, CA

On the heels of Houston Rap (Sinecure Books), Peter Beste’s second major book of photography (his debut, True Norwegian Black Metal was published by Vice Books in 2008) HVW8 Gallery is proud to present a rare gallery show of the photos that inspired his immersion into the everyday life of the Houston Hip Hop community. Beste spent nine years documenting the Houston, Texas neighborhoods of Fifth Ward, Third Ward, and South Park, which have grown to be hallowed ground for modern hip hop culture, possessing self-contained celebrities, entrepreneurs, support networks, and a micro-economy of their own. Houston Rap profiles noted artists such as Bun B of UGK, Z-Ro, Big Mike, K-Rino, Willie D of the Geto Boys, Lil’ Troy, and Paul Wall, alongside departed legends such as DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Big Hawk.

The work also features community leaders, rappers, producers, businessmen, and family members, all providing an astonishing and important insight into a great American cultural narrative.“We take you from the projects to the studio to the strip club and back, all along with an on-going oral history narrative from the people of the culture.” “We see it as an immersion,” says Peter Beste. “The idea was always to provide an insight into the community of the arguably most powerful Hip Hop scene in the world today.” Peter has exhibited his photography in the US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Denmark, Japan, France, Canada, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Italy. He has been featured in publications such as Visionaire, British Journal of Photography, Dazed & Confused, Vice, XXL, Vibe, Modern Painters, and Houston Chronicle.

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In association with Sinecure Books present:

Photographs by Peter Beste

“This book defines Houston Hip Hop!” – Bun B, UGK

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036

Date : Friday, January 24th 2014
Time : 7-10pm

Event photography by Mike Selsky.

Enjoy The Experience at Pop Montreal, CN

2005-10-05- 2005-10-07, at the Argent Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Coprésenté par Art POP, Boo-Hooray Gallery et Sinecure Books
25-29 sept. 2013
Quartier POP (3450 St-Urbain)
OPENING PARTY: 25 sept, 18 h – 19 h 30

“A jaw-dropping look at the All Time Hit Parade of Rejection”
– John Waters

“Best-ever gateway to the infinitely peculiar multiverse of self-published phonograph records”
– William Gibson

An exhibit of vinyl drawn from Enjoy The Experience, the book that Larry Clark calls “The Greatest Coffee Table Book Ever Made.”

From the 1950s through the arrival of the CD in the early 1990s, small record pressing plants across the US helped thousands of musicians capture on vinyl the sounds they heard in their heads. Often the only audience for their records proved to be friends and family; sometimes they never made it out of unopened boxes in the artist’s garage. This never discouraged all these pizza parlor organists, funk bands aspiring to become the JBs, high school bands performing all of Jesus Christ Superstar, cult leaders who never found the right cult, jazz bands inspired to forge a new stream, these artists committed themselves to vinyl, even though they were rejected by an industry not understanding of the weird and splendidly bizarre. The records showcased in the Enjoy The Experience book and exhibit are funkier, more psychedelic, more idiosyncratic and more emotionally rewarding than the mainstream music products of the same era.

The graphics are often insanely amazing: confusing, crazy, howlingly funny but always providing a true sense of the human hand present. They’ve got that homemade vibe that we constantly crave in these screen-saturated days.

Enjoy The Experience is a snapshot of America in the second half of the 20th century, telling the stories of brave souls who took the plunge and committed their musical vision to wax.

Quotes about Enjoy The Experience:

“It’s a mindblower… I certainly did enjoy the experience. It’s a fantastic read and also a fantastic listen.”

“An affectionate overview …of the musically-inclined but record-labelly-declined.”

“A collective aura of strangeness.”

“The world’s mightiest collections of private press album art brought together in a handsome tome.”

“A magical mystery detour to the USA…this fine book celebrates the music, life, art and history of musicians who made their own records.”

**POP Quarters will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am-8pm and Sunday from 11am-7pm**