From an interview with K-Rino by Lance Scott Walker in the new Sinecure Books publication, Houston Rap Tapes:

Were other kids rapping when you first came out?

“I’ll put it like this: When I first started coming into the scene out here, it was around ’85, ’86, but the deal was that everybody was trying to be so much like Run-D.M.C., Fat Boys…whoever was hot at the time. And they’d have talent shows. Every school had a talent show, every school had a rap contest and you would see the same cats in these contests everywhere you go…me and my boys, we used to go get in the contests just like everybody else, man, and it was just a competition…we didn’t have keyboards and drum machines then. We was from the days where we used to have to walk up to the DJ booth and say, ‘Hey man I want to rap off that Ice-T.’ We had to rap off other people instrumentals, you know what I’m sayin’? So it was fun, man, because it was in its purest form because we was just doing it for the love.”