From an interview with Cl’Che by Lance Scott Walker, in the new title just out from Sinecure, Houston Rap Tapes:

“What influenced you when you were younger…did you have somebody or something that hit you early on, that made you really want this?”

“I think it’s something that’s in you, and then you be learnin’ what’s in you, so it wasn’t nothin’ like I was livin’, and from practice I learned how to do it. I learned from something that was already within me, how to use it. And back then, I didn’t have anyone that was in the music industry in my family that could help me, so it wasn’t that. God kind of directed me on my own.”


“Everyone I spoke to seemed to have bad memories and experiences with this movie. Piecing together the info I came to the following conclusion: Palmer was from out of town, most likely the Los Angeles area. He came to Dallas to make the movie he had always dreamed about, but had virtually no money to do so. He was described to me by various people as a gigolo, con artist and all around smooth talker. It was rumored that he wined and dined some of Dallas’s high society women to get financial support for his project, and whenever he got his hands on some cash, he would shoot another part of the movie. Unfortunately, this resulted in having different actors playing the same part, as once they worked with Mr. Rockey they seldom returned.”

— Rich Haupt, Enjoy the Experience, “Palmer Rockey”